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quasi/ objects/ twister

Updated: May 18, 2022

Theresa Anderson with performers Kelly Brewer + Lauren Katz

2015- ongoing quasi/ objects/ twister, 1 Expandable textiles, thread, waistband expanders, pillow soft foam, feathers, homemade twister board Notes: -the four objects (2014) were made for use in a series of performance works 1 -the objects are pushed through stages of exhaustion and collapse similar to effects of open ended and vigorous play -the props are intended to initiate, highlight or maintain sites of pressure between work and play or the “fun and unfun” 2 -ritual versus commodity

-quasi (seemingly, apparently but not really) -elaborate a performative action/ work that is repeated in different settings until the objects disintegrate -solicit a group to work with the given the objects and minimal directions 1 Ngai, Sianne. “Ugly Feelings” Harvard University Press, 2007 2

 Stuplimity: Shock and Boredom in Twentieth-Century Aesthetics

September 19, 2013 Posted by Webmaster under Volume 10 – Number 2 – January 2000

Sianne Ngai

"There is stupid being in every one. There is stupid being in every one in their living. Stupid being in one is often not stupid thinking or stupid acting. It very often is hard to know it in knowing any one. Sometimes one has to know of some one the whole history in them, the whole history of their living to know the stupid being of them."

–Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans (1906-08)


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