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pressure + pleasure

Updated: May 14, 2022

Theresa Anderson with performers Frankie Bushell, Katie Bowman, Amber Cobb, Patrick McGuire, Zac Maas, Ella Trujillo, and Larry Shavers Jr.

2015- ongoing "recitations on agency and inadequacy/ sites of pressure and pleasure/ fun and unfun/ many person harness/ kicking feet from under self, 1" a seven person harness fabricated from athletic elastic banding (aka a big jock strap), easy release buckles, expandable textile bags filled with flour, feather pillows, video and sound appropriated (and not), approximately 9 minute duration as part of Performance Art Now!- a collaboration between RedLine Denver and the Biennial of the Americas. Live performance documentation by filmmaker Kim Shively.

Top image credit Mark Sink

This is a long-term project that is not practiced nor rehearsed- maintaining chance and indeterminacy. For each iteration a new group of seven people meet at the pre-determined space and time. Pre-stage the group is put in the harness, given light directions to work with a selection of props and asked to respond to the sound and video component as they enter into the area of projection. Each time the work is performed a new description is formed according to the actions of the participants. The work is site-specific as the group responds to each other as well as the things around them similar to the politics of a dance floor.


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