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I will be so quiet it'll be like I'm not even there

Updated: May 13, 2022

these things are less about me

more about you


introduction/ seditious acts

pranks in the context of chaos

the multiverse = objects interacting at different scales

unproven theory


objects for touching

moments of pressure between

fun and unfun

performance object- extreme harness

every shape of your crotch and thighs

sculpture holds all my secrets

be alone be dirty

things that might have happened/ 30 days 30 nights/ stories told through magic/ realism (images and objects in context)

energy rods

vomiting strawberries on end



call out some bitches

cats meowing on end

boundary containment

alien phenomenology






Image Details


I will be so quiet it’ll be like I’m not even there, 3 Images of a woman’s open mouth, hand cut from magazines, on advertisement excerpts 5” x 4” Collection of Mark Sink

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