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inventory of a material + visual language

Theresa Anderson in collaboration with Alicia Ordal, Kim Shively

inventory of a material and visual language


video 4.01 minutes

inventory of a material and visual language is an accumulation of experimentation with abstract sculpture and architectural forms that culminates in a video. Using serious humor, they reimagine spaces where they control their own narrative, a collaborative voice, symbology and language.

Negotiating their gendered identities within a politicized and unwieldy landscape they use a process of repetition, deflection and resurfacing to reclaim space. Sculptural practice becomes performative. Their bodies function as utilitarian tools that deconstruct the physical world and reveal their unique vision of personal interior spaces.

Filmmaker Kim Shively then edited the final footage and similar to the drawing game “exquisite corpse” reinterpreted the work.


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