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About Me.


Theresa Anderson (b. 1967, St. Paul, MN) relocated her archives and studio in 2022 from Denver, CO to a small town in Washington to have affordable space to reflect and continue her art practice. Sculpture is developed through an interdisciplinary practice whose base is performance art, drawing, and writing about concepts such as and/ or, agency and inadequacy (protect-> soften-> make visible), and oppositional/resolution of conflicting categorizations. She is alum of artist residencies at RedLine Denver, PlatteForum, and Vermont Studio Center where she received fellowship funding for her sculpture. Anderson has received multiple commissions and stipends through organizations such as the Biennial of the Americas, Black Cube Nomadic Museum with curator Cortney Lane Stell, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the presentation of a master artist demonstration on drawing at the Denver Art Museum. Notable exhibitions include everything squiggles at 808 Projects, curated by Mardee Goff, every length of a drawing at Yeah Maybe, Minneapolis curated by Nicole Soukup, Performativity at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, curated by Michol Hebron, Thief Among Thieves at Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Adam Lerner and Nora Abrams and some kind of cuddle at Gray Contemporary, Houston, where she is represented.



Representing action-based inquiry into ideas about oversaturation and resolving conflict- my interdisciplinary work is an accumulation + reduction, an appropriation and infiltration of the daily grind that happens over a significant period of time. Objects exist as if reams of information gathered from the insides (of walls and body), random magazines found in waiting rooms, focused research, journaling and reading (whether it’s Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology[1], Sianne Ngai’s Ugly Feelings[2], or Arielle Greenberg’s Gurlesque[3]) could become thing-like.

[1]“The density and condensation of tiny ontology has a flip side: something is always something else, too: a gear in another mechanism, a relation in another assembly, a part in another whole. Within the black hole-like density of being, things undergo an expansion. The ontological equivalent of the Big Bang rests within every object. Being expands.”

Bogost, Ian.  Alien Phenomenology or What It’s Like to Be a Thing

[2] Ngai, Sianne. Ugly Feelings Harvard University Press, 2007

 “Stuplimity: Shock and Boredom in Twentieth-Century Aesthetics”

September 19, 2013 Posted by Webmaster under Volume 10 – Number 2 – January 2000

Sianne Ngai

“There is stupid being in every one. There is stupid being in every one in their living. Stupid being in one is often not stupid thinking or stupid acting. It very often is hard to know it in knowing any one. Sometimes one has to know of some one the whole history in them, the whole history of their living to know the stupid being of them.”

–Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans (1906-08)

[3]Some Notes on the Origin of the (Term) Gurlesque

“The Gurlesque was born of black organza witch costumes and the silver worn-out sequins mashed between scratchy pink tutu netting and velvet unicorn paintings and arena rock ballads and rainbow iron-on glitter decals and self-mutilation and anorexia and bulimia and fighting back and Renaissance Fairies and teen sex and zines and cutting and Sassy and joy and ecstasy and abortion and the Pill and road kill and punk shows and panties and incest and ice cream and rape and we mean this very seriously. No means no, asshole. And yes means yes. And girl means girl except when it doesn’t, which is sometimes.” –Arielle Greenberg

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